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The Laity Empowerment Project (LEP) was started in 1989 by Ron Farr, an ordained United Church of Christ pastor who presently shares a co-pastorate with his wife, Patty, at Emmanuel Congregational United Church of Christ in Watertown, New York.

Ron, who has been a local church pastor for 20 years and has written articles for WEAVINGS and FAITH AT WORK, designs and writes the LEP curricula.

Ron Farr's "Laity Empowerment Project" display at the June 2007 National UCC Synod Meeting

LEP curricula are revised and refined innumerable times from the helpful, inspired feedback of friendly colleagues and hundreds of LEP participants and leaders.

For 20 years Ron has led retreats on prayer and meditation, personal spiritual growth, laity empowerment, and local church revitalization. He has sought, through the Laity Empowerment Project, to write a number of user-friendly but intensive course curricula which local congregations can use to transform themselves. Each group session is designed to feel like a "little retreat." Ron's dream has been to create group curricula in which laity and clergy spiritually nourish each other, activate each other's passion to do ministry, learn to be sensitive small group facilitators, and became true colleagues with one another.

Ron leads LEP leadership training events in various parts of the country, and works as a small group trainer and church consultant when not at his local church. The LEP program, initially sponsored by the New York UCC Conference, has spread to other UCC Conferences and other mainline denominations by word of mouth.

Over the years Ron has worked in a variety of ministerial settings, which has helped him produce materials that are sensitive to people's hurts and hungers, yet appeals to broad audiences. He has served as a UCC local church pastor, a program director for a large Roman Catholic retreat center, Protestant chaplain to several state psychiatric hospitals as well as the Massachusetts Hospital-School for Handicapped Children. He studied pastoral counseling in a year-long hospital internship; studied eastern religions at Banaras Hindu University in Banaras, India; and studied Buddhist Vipassana meditation for several years at the Washington Buddhist Vihara, Washington, D.C. Ron received his Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School.

He and his wife, Patty, have two daughters, two dogs and two cats. He loves networking with all those who are experimenting with ways to deepen the spiritiual life, activate the gifts, and awaken the ministries of EVERY one in their local church.

Revs. Ron & Patty Farr
Co-Pastors of Emmanuel Congregational Church, Watertown, NY

Learn more about Ron and Patty's ministry and local church at

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