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(8 week start-up course, with Sat. retreat included)

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This course helps participants explore new ways of putting their faith into action among the challenges of daily life and work. Participants unleash their unique ways of being ministers for Christ in their homes, workplaces, and relationships.

UNLEASHING explore 8 weekday ministries:

  1. Ministry of Presence

  2. Ministry of Work

  3. Ministry of Love

  4. Ministry of Friendship

  5. Ministry of Community Building

  6. Ministry of Joy

  7. Ministry of Power

  8. Ministry of Peacemaking

This course addresses such issues as living by our core values, loving difficult people, being a friend to others, building teamwork, standing up for the truth, creating change, making peace, living with joy, and being witnesses of Christ. Participants make a solid commitment to attend ALL sessions, including the Saturday Retreat.

USE MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TEST: In the fifth session (an all-day Saturday retreat) participants take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test to determine their personality types and temperaments. They use these test results to discuss how to build community and supportive teamwork among people who are very different from one another.

ACTIVATE SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Each session is designed to draw out and deepen the spiritual life, gifts, and ministries of each individual. There are interactive Bible studies, daily life case studies, altar building exercises, and moments of meditation. The curriculum engages people's hearts and senses with visual altar displays and touching worship moments. It is ecumenical, inclusive, and able to create common ground between people of differing theological views because of its emphasis on daily life applications of scripture, listening, and people learning from one another.

LEADERS ARE DEVELOPED: This course is co-led by a leadership team from your congregation, equipped for this task through a laity empowerment training process (a regional training event, or self-directed training process in the Leader's manual). Over time Laity Empowerment courses develop a core of capable, uniquely trained lay leaders.

STRENGTHEN LAITY EMPOWERMENT IN YOUR CHURCH: UNLEASHING OUR WEEKDAY MINISTRIES is designed as a sequel to build on the good energy and growth cultivated by the start-up course UNWRAPPING OUR GIFTS. However, attendance of UNWRAPPING is not a requirement for participation of UNLEASHING.

WRITTEN MATERIALS: The user-friendly 304-page "Leader's Manual" has 8 well-crafted sessions, making the most tenuous leaders effective and spiritually empowered. In addition, the Leader's Manual contains helpful articles, publicity materials, and a 4-session self-directed training process to equip new leadership teams in recruiting and group facilitation. The 70-page "Participants Workbook" provides each participant with worksheets, review exercises, and brief homework for each session. Participants also use an additional resource, "Sixteen Types," which includes the shortened Myers-Briggs Personality Test and descriptions of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types.

Sample Session | Getting Started


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