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(8 week start-up course, with Sat. retreat included)

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EMPOWERS MINISTRIES OF THE LAITY: "UNWRAPPING OUR GIFTS" is an interactive 8-week course designed to activate the spiritual lives, gifts and ministries of the laity in local churches. Participants explore the Biblical vision that all Christians (not just the ordained) are MINISTERS, each in their own way, gifted and called by God to focused Christian action.

IDENTIFIES PEOPLE'S GIFTS: Through numerous gift discernment exercises, the group repeatedly identifies the gifts and ministries of EACH PERSON. People probe ways of living out their Christianity in their work-a-day world.

EIGHT ENGAGING GROUP SESSIONS: 8 group sessions, each 2 hours long (with the exception of the 5th session which is a full Saturday retreat), are titled as follows:

  • Valuing Our Spiritual Journeys

  • What is Ministry?

  • The Little Gift

  • Discerning Our Gifts

  • Advocates of One Another

  • Ministries in the Home

  • Ministries in the Workplace

  • Ministries in the Church & World

Participants enjoy imaginative Bible studies, supportive spiritual sharing, meditation exercises, and case studies on daily life ministry dilemmas. Participants explore how to deepen their relationship with God and revitalize their church. The curriculum engages people's hearts and senses with visual altar displays and touching worship moments. It is ecumenical, inclusive, and able to create common ground between people of differing theological views because of its emphasis on daily life application of scripture, listening, and people learning from one another.

LIVES ARE CHANGED, CHURCHES TRANSFORMED: The course stimulates personal spiritual growth, inspires confidence, activates ministries, and creates a deep sense of fellowship. People get excited about being disciples of Christ and being in Christian community. Participants make a solid commitment to attend ALL sessions, including the Saturday retreat.

LEADERS ARE DEVELOPED: This course is co-led by a leadership team from your congregation, equipped for this task through a laity empowerment leadership training process (a regional training event, or self-directed training process in the Leader's Manual). Over time Laity Empowerment courses develop a core of capable, uniquely trained lay leaders.

BROAD APPEAL: This course has worked well in urban, suburban, and rural settings, large and small churches, and ethnic churches including African American congregations. The curriculum is ecumenical, inclusive, and able to create common ground between conservative and liberal believers with its emphasis on daily life application of scripture, personal spiritual sharing, and listening. The course is often a healing force in divided congregations.

WRITTEN MATERIALS: The user-friendly 330-page "Leader's Manual" has 8 well-crafted sessions, making the most tenuous leaders effective and spiritually empowering. In addition, the Leader's Manual contains helpful articles, publicity materials, and a 4-session self-directed training process to equip new leadership teams in their recruiting and group facilitation. The 64-page "Participant Workbook" provides each participant with worksheets, review exercises, and brief homework for each session.

Sample Session | Getting Started

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